Is it because Merida claims to be the safest city in Mexico or do people love this Mexican city for other reasons?
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We spent a little over a week in Merida, Yucatan. During that time, we only made one Mexico travel video because Maddie was recovering from being sick and, if we’re being honest, we really weren’t vibing with the city. So as we asked in the title, why are expats flocking to Merida, Mexico? We aren’t totally sure what it is that draws people here, except perhaps that it’s touted as the safest city in Mexico across social media and online groups.

While it was nearly perfect weather during the time we visited Mérida, it is incredibly hot and humid most of the year. We also noticed quite a bit of trash throughout the city and the pollution was horrid. On the bright side, the Yucatan food we tried throughout the city was absolutely amazing! Expats in Mexico could «fall for» this city for that reason alone and we’d totally understand why!

After talking with more Mexico expats about living in Mexico, we quickly learned that Merida is a place that you either LOVE or HATE. During our time in the city, we really couldn’t figure out why that is though. If you’ve been there, do you know? Or perhaps you can take a guess after watching today’s travel Mexico video?

* Chaya Maya – We went here SO many times. This Merida restaurant has reasonable prices and authentic Yucatan food that will have you craving more. It can get pretty busy, so you might find yourself waiting for a table.
* Cafe Riqueza – This coffee shop is close to centro and serves delicious drinks at affordable prices compared to other cafes in town.
* Ave del Paraíso – We loved the Thai food here! It was a tad spicy for us, but still so delicious.
* El Barrio – It’s a bit pricy considering the portions, but we thought the food was tasty and it’s worth a visit if you’re in Merida.
* Maíz, Canela, y Cilantro – This restaurant is a hidden gem in Merida. It’s a modest family-run place with great coffee and food made with love. The Jamaica agua fresca was super refreshing!

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  1. Tangerine Travels

    Mérida is a city with some of the most polarizing opinions we've seen. For many, it's their favorite place in the world. For others, you couldn't pay them to go back there. Any guesses as to why this is?

  2. Charlene Magargal

    This is my first public comment, seriously ever!!!! but I have to write and tell you, THANK YOU for taking the time to care and inviting us into your journeys. Your honest evaluation and insights are aspects of life in Mexico I would not know otherwise. You're a fun, creative, professional couple! Keep up the great work, THANK YOU, be safe and take care of each other.

  3. Vico Carran

    Lo de la ciudad "mas segura de México"… Compite celosamente con la ciudad "más puerca de México"… Como se ve que persiste aún la "guerra" de castas entre los yucatecos.. Poco amor por la ciudad…

  4. Uranai Baba

    Por la publicidad que le hacen a la ciudad, y la publicidad que le hacen a la “seguridad”

  5. JohnDgr81

    You guys are great! Keep it up!…I was born in Mexico,..but lived in US since 7 yrs old! guys make me want to retire there!…btw, my dad was born in Merida Yucatan!…when it was just an adobe town, and abandoned Spanish missions!….could you look for some of those?…and their history?…looks like some have been renovated!….for the tourists!lol

  6. Eloy Canto

    Paseo de Montejo it's just a Turist Trap, nobody llive there, only tons of overpriced turist traps, nice point to walk and watch some old european style buildings, but nothing else.

  7. Memo San

    If you go to tourist restaurants you are going to find expensive prices. There are so many Places where you can find good food and good prices, of course out of the track

  8. andrew rublet

    oh por dios !! cuanta basura en la calle!!! cuanta gente sin cultura ha de tirar la basura inconscientes