The Art of Mayan Cuisine in the Yucatán: Cook It Raw (Part 1)

The Art of Mayan Cuisine in the Yucatán: Cook It Raw (Part 1)

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Cook It Raw, founded by Alessandro Porcelli, is an annual gathering of chefs who explore the world’s many culinary traditions through creativity and collaboration. The Cook It Raw team travels to the Yucatán to learn more about the art of ancient Mayan cooking, a cuisine using local ingredients and simple techniques that have survived and evolved for thousands of years.

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  1. aR0ttenBANANA96

    Whoever did the captions is an absolute idiot. You don't seen as many errors in the ones YT auto-generates lmao.

  2. V2o Fox

    What's with the thumbnail that's ceviche that's Peruvian not Mexican fix your thumbnails who ever did this

  3. Pía Renteria

    16:52 "The changes" to make is bringing true tradition to the foreign countries which only eat pure crap and have zero fun and meaning in to their ways. Hopefully you can pull this off with all the bad weather you guys have back home and gas kitchens! Hopefully you guys learn and live better. 🙂 Thank the Universe for Mexicans having a kind heart to teach you what you guys call "A CHEF" Even though all the spoken crap and evil plans those countries hold against, we only share the love and pure knowledge. How awesome are we? WE ARE BRILLIANT INDEED. What would you show off back in your countries if this Mexas would not share with you all this? What will your Gastronomic Academies would teach? Thank you for being brutally honest.

  4. Candice Boucher

    did anyone eles notice the old white man with lon hair and bandander? haha weird old white men @9:28

  5. Jaime Mena

    White people teaching me about my Mexican heritage? This is very insulting; disappointed.

  6. Juan Partida

    Love it. Thank you for sharing this magical experience