We’re taking a day trip to Progreso, the closest beach to Merida in the Yucatan region of Mexico ! Join us, as we take an amazingly efficient bus, and get dropped off on the Gulf of Mexico for a day at the beach. We then head to Eladio’s for some botanas, Mexico’s answer to Spanish tapas and boy do we find an incredible deal! Find out my thoughts on Progreso and if it is a tourist trap or not. Be sure to subscribe, for more honest episodes from the Yucatan in Mexico and beyond.

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  1. Here Be Barr

    UPDATE on 11/20: After seeing some negative comments on here, I have to say that my experience was only indicative of a cruise ship day. I gave an honest assesment of my experience after visiting many other places in Mexico. I would give Progreso another chance on a non-cruise ship day . I'm not anti-visiting Progreso, just a heads up on a cruise ship day it will feel a bit more "touristy" and you will be approached more aggressively by locals. It is what it is. You may actually be more comfortable with English menus and English speakers all around, it's just my perspective. Give it a shot to see what you think.

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    YUCATÁN, MEXICO PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/2mfr56Q

  2. virtualameda

    Yes, it's too bad you landed in Progreso on a cruise ship day. The nature of the beach changes greatly as the vendors have a few hours to make whatever money there is from the cruceros. You're hearing lots of English, but it's just enough English to get by. You are everyone's "Amigo," everybody is ready to give you the "best price"… in short, it is like every other Latin American beach town when a cruise ship is in. BUT you missed that Progreso is, beyond everything, the most important shipping port on the Yucatan Peninsula. That pier you came in on is the longest in the world (because the Gulf gets deep so gradually). Progreso IS a tourist town, but it's for MEXICAN tourists, the tens of thousands who come to the very safe (shallow, gentle currents, low waves and tides) beach with their small children. It is great to see 4 generations all enjoying the sun, sand and water. Come back to Progreso (or the beach towns to the east and west) again sometime! (Cruise ship schedule from a local expat: https://lifeinprogreso.com/june-2019-progreso-cruise-ship-schedule/ )

  3. Texas Borough

    Crack head there not drugs there that why u dont have fun ,yucatan is the more beautiful state in the whole Mexico

  4. Brenda Gunn

    I really enjoy Progreso. Have visited from Ontario 3 times in the past 4 years, staying 5 weeks in total. Love the ocean, restaurants, food, shops, the market, etc. Service is always good & I've met some great people, both Maya & Canadian. Eladio's & the Milk Bar on the Malecon are two of my favourite restaurants, but I've dined in several others. The food is always good & the Sol is always cold!

  5. jim Cebrowski

    as for going on a cruise ship day is your mistake….or not cruise ship day is a great day for everyone on the ship and from the town…. do not say anything bad about Progreso… you obviously know nothing about the Yucatan and or Progreso… you made yourself look stupid by this video.. everywhere in Mexico people try and sell you things… it is not a tourist trap at all…its called business…. it's like what you are trying to do and make us watch your videos….and by the way its called a cantina not a bar…shows how smart you really are lol…not very smart by what you say on your video if you need to google translate to learn the language then stay away from Yucatan

  6. donna kivirauma

    Hey there I just watched your video because I am going to Progreso on the 20th on a cruise ship. Thank you for posting. We were trying to decide to do an excursion or spend time on the beach and walk around the town. You helped me make the decision. Hey, if you want to make 360 videos we would love to have you in our platform. I was noticing this video got more than 60k views. You would have earned an equal amount of frequent flier points in our service as views. You might want to check our VirtualTraveller. Would love to have you. http://www.virtualtraveller.com <3 Donna

  7. Marrasku Vassel

    So you want to be spoken in Mexico in English?

    hahaha, no matter you are a tourist, you knew beforehand

    that you go to a country that has Spanish as its official language.

    I wonder what you would do in Spain, where some people

    They don't want to, if they don't want to speak English, and even if you're a tourist, you should

    to inform you and acquire some words in Spanish, especially

    If you were born in the United States where there is an immense population that speaks Spanish and that you also have classes in the schools.

    As always, Americans think that other countries have the obligation to speak English. Imagine you arrive in France where you completely hate speaking in English.

    Get off your cloud a little, because when the Americans cross the ocean they realize that they are not as they think they are the top of the world.

  8. Alex Tate

    My husband and I have a great house in Progreso and love the people and the beach. Your comments on a quick day trip down to Progreso does not do it justice! It is a beautiful place and we are from Canada and Love it… so if you don't think it's so hot maybe you should go somewhere else.

  9. Football Coach

    Stumbled upon this video and what a waste of 2 minutes. This is exactly what happens when anyone has access to a camera. We have been visiting Progresso MX for over 10 years and absolutely love the fact that its off the grid and the people are very humble! This guy has no clue

  10. Davo B.4?what?

    I lived in Progreso 1 & 1/2 years, cruise ship days are Tuesdays and Thursdays unless a diversion for some reason. Eladio's is your tourist trap, so many more good restaurants on up the Malecon, Crabster is good but expensive, the new seafood bar and grill {sorry i forget the name}, good food and expensive. The top of my list is "The Milk Bar" , excellent food and good prices. 2nd, is "Antigua" at the end of the malecon, good food & good prices,. If you go in the market that you and your girl walked by, they have cochinita that is fantastic and very cheap.
    Also, another really cool place to go is El Corchito, it's a park, you can swim in the cenotes. Taxi ride there is no more than 50 pesos, entrance to the park [if I remember right] is 40 pesos.
    Good video, but explore more. LOL

  11. Un Mexicano en Polonia

    Don't know if I could call Progreso a tourist trap, I mean if you live in Merida is the nearest beach ( I had a 15 min drive from my house to progreso ) and just spend your time there without actually buying from all the sellers around the beach or eating at some of the most popular restaurants. Greetings

  12. Alekz Pineda

    Your video title is totally misleading, it appears it's intended to have clicks and views. I didn't see any sign of a tourist trap at all – if you want to showcase tourist traps you can find plenty in Cancún or the Riviera Maya. You should had spend some more time doing some research about Progreso (what is it like for real without Cruise Ships, what's out there other than the Malecón (strip), Summer, even telling a bit about what you ate at Eladios … c'mon plenty of opportunities) instead of having a very minuscule opinion of your experience. Your video isn't that awful (technically speaking, no WOW factor) but it missed the spot, what it shows it's a Tourist Vlog, not a Travel Vlog instead.