Kevin Gates – #Yukatan

Kevin Gates – #Yukatan


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  1. Raul Laureles

    The beast the best they truth always prevails. Simply the best lyricist. Period.

  2. unknown ?

    My cousin has this teddy bear that plays the beat to this song

  3. C-Y B.

    Let's be Well, that don't mean just financially, Well means your complete state of existence. I hope you Well

  4. Dorian Gray

    Everyday,every g i make..they hate to salute when u stand up. Salute me. A true g wit bandz forever

  5. symone bradley

    Soon as I heard this I quit my job went and bought a quake of some clean and went str8 back to the trenches….fuck it…

  6. Anthony

    If this go hard and every other Kevin gates song hit that like button.

  7. leon miller

    I can't even lie. I grew up around the streets because of who i was around but i was not in the streets so i don't understand his talk but this shit is hard asf! NO LIE

  8. Vicente Quinonez

    Dumbass cringey ass comments
    How about somebody explain what yukatan IS

  9. Deandre Howard

    Hope your life is filled with positivity and prosperity